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Importance of FROSIO Certification:-

FROSIO Training is part of HTS COATINGS (Harvish Technical Services) with various below titles.

FROSIO Certification

FROSIO Inspector

FROSIO Training

Coating Inspector Training

Coating Certification

Painting Training

 Painting Certification Course

Coating Inspector

Painting Inspector 

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Shipbuilding, Small / Medium / Heavy Industries subjected to heavy Corrosion and related consequences to losing Asset Integrity. To overcome this issue, many  industries inevitably having corrosion control/monitoring/mitigation program from project construction stages to maintenance period for substrate and Coating Integrity. Therefore the need for Corrosion Control Inspectors / Engineers / Superintendents / Supervisors is growing. However, these qualified students shall have International coating inspector certification from reputed training and certification providers. To select the right coating certification is a real task in terms of quality of education, lecture, time span, recognition, and course fees. Many industries recommending/approving various certification courses. However, the quality certification is always accepted by worldwide operators and clients irrespective of specification reflection. Coating professionals and operators around the world recognized the Training and Certification which have proven world-class in relates to the course contents, Industry specified practical methods, transparent examination mode, evaluation methods. Therefore the value and recognition of FROSIO Certification are needless to reiterate thus many students were automatically selected this specialized course for their knowledge and career progression. Experience our teaching and become a world-class FROSIO Certified Inspector within 80 hours. This FROSIO Training scheduled thorough HTS COATINGS is a part of

Benefits of FROSIO Training:-

Surface Treatment certificate recognized by Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Heavy Industries, Marine, Shipbuilding, Dry dock, and other auxiliary industries around the world. FROSIO Surface Treatment certification is equal to NACE CIP, SSPCPCI, ICORR, BGAS & other equivalent International certifications.  FROSIO course is transparent, straightforward, and focused on coating inspection knowledge with ISO standard interpretations. After getting certified, students can work as a “Painting Inspector” / Coating Inspector / Coating Supervisor / Coating Superintendent / Coating Manager / Paint Inspector / Corrosion Control Inspector and with various titles with proven career progression as FROSIO Surface Treatment Certified Inspector.  This FROSIO Training conducted thorough HTS COATINGS which are part of Harvish Technical ServicesWe guarantee for your knowledge and economical cost always. Various Inspector roles which perhaps searched as Coating Inspector, Painting Certification Course, Coating Certification, Painting Training, Painting Inspector, FROSIO Training, FROSIO Inspector, FROSIO Certification, Coating Inspector Training, NACE Inspector, BGAS Inspector, SSPC Inspector, FROSIO Course etc.,

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